Donors Enjoy Double Tax Savings by Giving Appreciated Securities to USF to Further Their Catholic Values

Alan and Diane (Wynkoop) Burye BS ’67

For Alan and Diane (Wynkoop) Burye BS ’67 supporting socially minded education is a priority. The couple met in 1963 at a freshmen mixer during their first week at USF. “That year I met Diane and played bridge with Fr. Lo Schiavo in the Green and Gold Room in the dorm basement,” Al Burye recalled with a smile.

Diane Burye, who attended USF on a scholarship, completed her BS in nursing. Al wrapped up his bachelor’s in accounting and a masters at San Diego State University while Diane furthered her education with a master’s, also at San Diego State, a school nurse credential, and various teaching credentials.

“There is still something very special about a Jesuit education. It helps you think and provides a great ethical foundation upon which to build your career,” says Al. Diane noted, “the education was not just in the classroom. Through USF’s Student Western Addition Project, we tutored children at the YMCA and volunteered with voter registration in predominantly black neighborhoods where voter turnout was low.”

Their commitment to being in service of their community would continue to be a key part of their lives. During their careers, Alan wrote legislation impacting public utilities and represented employers before the California Public Utilities Commission. Diane worked as a middle school nurse in an area where 60% of the students were low income. School nurses were the gateway to health care, immunizations, and agencies that served teens,” said Diane

During this time Diane formed a campus club for her students targeting Southeast Asian refugees. “We offered after school activities and raised money for field trips to give the kids much needed social interaction and fun.”

In her role, Diane met a student in whom she saw ability. Already parents to son, Alan Jr., and daughter, Carol, Diane and Al adopted Dun and provided him with a supportive environment. Dun not only thrived, but he also earned his MD/PhD and works as an ear, nose, and throat doctor. Al jokes, “This allows us to say we have two sons born seven days and 7,000 miles apart.”

The Buryes are longtime supporters of the USF School of Nursing and Health Professions as well as other charities, including many that provide health care to underserved communities. Diane says, “Because of the USF scholarship, I received a great education and foundation for a successful career. We want our gifts to support faculty, student needs, and scholarships.”

Al and Diane like that they can maximize their charitable impact at USF by donating stock.

“By transferring the appreciated shares of stock directly to a qualified charity, any capital gain is not recognized as income—so it isn’t taxable and the entire amount goes to the charities we care about,” explained Al.

For example, the Buryes purchased 100 shares of a company for $2 a share so their cost basis is $200. When the gift was given, the stock was worth $1,500. By donating the shares to USF, the Buryes avoided capital-gain tax and claimed a charitable deduction on their income-tax return—which amounts to double tax savings.

Each year, Al and Diane review their stock portfolio and instruct their broker on the number of shares, timing, and organizations they wish to support. The broker takes care of the rest.

Learn more about making a gift of stock to the USF college, school, program, or scholarship of your choice by contacting the Office of Gift Planning at 415-422-4163.