Alumna Offers Sage Advice and Opportunity to USF Students

Catherine Re BS ’79.
Catherine Re (BS ’79)

“This may not be the experience you planned, but the experience you have will be something you will rely on later. You will persevere.”

Catherine Re (BS ’79) offers this advice to USF students who must take classes virtually this fall. Re, the daughter of immigrant parents, is a first-generation college graduate. Her mother and father were devoted Catholics and instilled in their children the importance of a college education.

When Re was in high school, her father suffered a stroke—so she commuted to USF in order to help her mother at home. Re describes coming to USF as opening new horizons, “I learned so much. USF made me realize that I could do more academically if I wanted to, and this led me to earn a master’s in economics at the London School of Economics and live and work abroad.”

Re’s career focused on international housing finance at Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association), specifically in Poland and Hungary where she traveled to help develop home mortgage markets. Re credits USF for introducing her to greater opportunities; she gained essential mental tools for the workforce. “If I did not have the specific subject matter expertise, I knew how to think in logical steps to look for and assimilate the information. I was not afraid to problem solve,” she says.

Re has thoughtfully planned a gift to provide this opportunity to future USF students. She explains, “I had a nice career; and when it came time to create my estate plan, I wished to honor my parents’ value of Catholic education and the benefit that I had received from USF by creating scholarships for first-generation students to go to USF. These kids face the steepest hills; and if a student has a passion for learning, I would like to help them get to the next level.”

Re has designated USF as the beneficiary of her retirement plan. The assets will transfer to USF tax-free to fund an endowed scholarship for first-generation students. If you would like information about making a gift to USF through your retirement plan, call 415-422-4163, e-mail, or visit us at: